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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens in a Jumping Beans class?

Children work at their own pace through a child-led programme, guided by their parent/caregiver and one of our qualified instructors.

Each class draws from a wide range of fun activities which include a combination of

  • Music and movement or dance for language and self-esteem development
  • Ball skills and rhythmic gymnastics for balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Safety Skills to help you and your child learn how to navigate their increasing mobility, safely (and to help you sleep easier at night!)
  • Fun activities on our specially designed equipment to establish healthy exercise patterns and a love of success and learning
  • Bonding time and interactive play between child and caregiver, and socialisation with other children, all of which develops a sense of safety and security (secure attachment) and emotional intelligence
  • Check out What We Do At Jumping Beans for more info!
  • Which Jumping Beans class is right for my child?

Every child is different and we encourage parents to choose a class level by developmental stage, rather than age (we suggest age groups only as a rough guideline). If you are unsure which class is right for your child, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Please see our Class Levels section for more info on each of our class levels.

  • My baby has a morning nap, which class should I come to?
We suggest you select a class that fits best with their sleep times.
  • Who leads the Jumping Beans classes?
Jumping Beans classes are led by our friendly, highly qualified instructors! They guide you to participate with your child in our fun, educational exercises and activities, stimulating brain development while accommodating different learning styles in a safe, positive setting.
  • Can I enroll part way through the current term?
You are welcome to join a class any time, providing there are spaces in the class. You can find a class here!
  • Do you offer make up sessions?
Yes! Make up sessions can be taken at any time within the same term and with the same licensee. Please check with your Jumping Beans licensee for availability.
  • Can I enrol my 3 year old and my 18 month old in the same session?
Yes! In this case we would recommend you place both children the Gym Beans session so your older child is in an age appropriate class. As we work with all children on an individual level, we can work with your younger child to their ability in the same class.
  • I have a new baby – what happens if I need to feed them during class?
If you need to feed/change/settle your baby, just let us know. If you need any extra help at all we are happy to support you and your children.
  • I am pregnant, how hands-on is the class?
We have many people happily attending Jumping Beans classes with their children during their pregnancy. While you are responsible for supervising your child at Jumping Beans, we are happy to offer you support.
  • What if my child seems reluctant to join in at first?
Children have different learning styles and respond individually to a Jumping Beans class. Some rush in regardless. Others consider each move carefully and spend a lot of time watching. Sometimes they try out activities at home, before venturing to try them at Jumping Beans. It may take a number of sessions before your child begins to get very actively involved. We encourage each child to join in at their own pace, and to participate in the activities of their choice. They gradually gain the confidence to try most things.
  • Does my child have to do all the suggested activities?
Jumping Beans provides a wide range of activities to challenge children in different ways. When children are ready for a new skill they will learn quickly and easily. We encourage these times of readiness. Sometimes a child is not ready for a particular challenge. We are sensitive to this, and our instructors are happy to suggest alternatives.
  • How can I assist my child to get the most out of Jumping Beans?
Children love encouragement and reinforcement of what they do. Non-verbal reinforcement works well (like “Oooooh!” or “Yahoo!”), and nothing replaces a hug! Describing what children do helps by giving them understanding and control. “You walked the full length of the beam looking straight ahead!” “You landed on two feet!” “You watched the ball!”.
  • For how long can my child benefit from Jumping Beans?

The Jumping Beans programme is designed to provide a fun, child-centred learning environment that supports your child through all the developmental stages that typically occur between the ages of 4 months and 5 years – the years where your child will learn the most in their life! Jumping Beans adapts as your child grows, and is always offering new, fun, developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate learning at your child’s level.

Any skill takes practice, consistency and commitment in order to learn it, so we see the greatest benefits in families who participate in Jumping Beans over a longer period of time. Some benefits reported to us are confidence, safety skills, increased coordination and socialisation. These benefits transfer to many other areas of our children’s lives and form a strong foundation for early learning.

We welcome you to join us at Jumping Beans all the way through your child’s preschool years!

  • Do you cater for babies/children with special needs/spectrum/sensory processing issues?
While we are a non-therapeutic, educational programme, we welcome children with special needs who have been recommended to participate by a registered medical practitioner/nurse/OT/Physio or other health provider. In collaboration between the Children’s Autism Foundation, we also now offer the Join In Jumping Beans programme (JJB). The existing Jumping Beans programme has been adapted to suit a range of developmental stages and caters for children with sensory processing issues. Family or caregiver involvement is essential to assist during the session, as well as to gain skills that are transferable to the home setting. Consultants from both organisations will be running the programme to give support to attendees. To enroll and for more information please contact your local Jumping Beans licensee.
  • Do you accept Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ vouchers?
Yes, we are a registered as a getPhysical supplier with the Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ and welcome your getPhysical vouchers. Please contact your local Jumping Beans representative for voucher payment arrangements.
  • What are your enrollment Terms and Conditions?

To view our safety regulations, and attendance/fees policy, please read our Terms and Conditions